As the theft of trucking equipment is on the increase, it is very hard to avoid this inconvenience.

At J&J Services, we have the perfect range of anti theft lock nuts.

Our most popular anti theft locking nut is the truck lock nuts.

This simple and highly effective locking system is simple to install, and compared to the price of having to replace an entire wheel and tyre, it is very affordable.

It is a simple system whereby the lock nut on the wheel is replaced with an anti theft lock nut that it tamper proof, and that can only be removed with a unique key code tool. The key code tool fits onto a standard wheel spanner, and no special equipment is needed to install or remove the nut.

Other anti theft lock nuts and systems we have on offer is a very effective anti theft fuel pipe lock nut. They are specially developed nuts that use fuel pipefittings to replace the pipe that connects the two diesel tanks together. This will prevent the theft of diesel while the vehicle is left unattended.

We also have a smaller version of the anti theft wheel lock nuts. This works identical to the wheel locking system, but can be used in a wide range of applications. From locking the battery box on your truck, to locking the gate motor at your office.

If you think about the inconvenience of not being able to use your truck because a simple little pipe or piece of equipment is missing, then there is no reason not to use an anti theft lock nut to secure your assets.